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50 Affirmations

1. "I am on a path to parenthood, and I trust the process."

2. "My body is a temple of fertility, and I honour it."

3. "I embrace the power of my reproductive health."

4. "I am a strong and capable creator of life."

5. "I release all fears and doubts about my fertility."

6. "Every day, I am one step closer to welcoming my baby(ies) into my life."

7. "I am open to the joy of conceiving a healthy and happy baby."

8. "I radiate positivity and love, creating a welcoming space for new life."

9. "I am in harmony with my partner, working together towards our family."

10. "My fertility journey is a testament to my resilience and determination."

11. "I trust my body's wisdom and its ability to conceive."

12. "I choose hope and faith over worry and anxiety."

13. "I am surrounded by support and love from those who care about me."

14. "I am patient, and I trust in divine timing."

15. "My thoughts and emotions are aligned with my fertility goals."

16. "I am in tune with the natural cycles of my body."

17. "I manifest my fertility goals with confidence."

18. "I am the architect of my reproductive destiny."

19. "I am a fertile and creative force in this world."

20. "I am grateful for the lessons and growth on this journey."

21. "I nurture my reproductive health with love and care."

22. "I am resilient in the face of challenges and setbacks."

23. "I attract positive energy and blessings into my fertility journey."

24. "I am a loving and nurturing parent-to-be."

25. "I visualize the arrival of my baby with joy and anticipation."

26. "I believe in my body's capacity to conceive and carry life."

27. "I am ready to welcome the miracle of life into my family."

28. "I let go of any past disappointments and embrace a new beginning."

29. "I am a beacon of light, guiding my fertility journey with grace."

30. "My fertility journey is filled with love, hope, and endless possibilities."

31. "I trust in the wisdom of my body and the universe."

32. "I am confident in my ability to create life."

33. "I am open to all the support and resources available to me."

34. "I maintain a positive and fertile mindset."

35. "I release any negative beliefs about my fertility."

36. "I am in harmony with the natural rhythms of conception."

37. "I am grateful for the opportunity to become a parent."

38. "I am surrounded by the energy of love and creation."

39. "I trust that everything is unfolding as it should."

40. "I am resilient, and I persevere with grace."

41. "I am aligned with the energy of new life and possibility."

42. "I welcome the journey of parenthood with an open heart."

43. "I am a fertile garden, ready to bloom with life."

44. "I have the strength to overcome any fertility challenges."

45. "I am a co-creator of life, and I embrace this sacred role."

46. "I am at peace with my fertility journey."

47. "I am grateful for the love and connection I share with my partner."

48. "I trust in the miracle of life, and I am open to its blessings."

49. "I believe in the power of positive intention and thought."

50. "I am surrounded by love, which sustains me on my fertility journey."


Affirmations can be done in a few ways writing them down, standing in front of a mirror and saying aloud. recorded and listened to. The repetition of your positive message is to affirm what you want to believe and see in your life. Choose the ones that resonate with you.  

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