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Manefesting with Purpose book cover

Mindset work and truly understanding manifestation is life-

altering We are constantly manifesting, whether we are aware of

it or not. INacticing the suggested journal prompts and tools

outlined in this Dook will help increase our awareness, connect to

our desires, and imbrove our experiences as we begin to manifest

the things we want. Yow, too, can live your most fulfilling life.

In Manifesting with Purpose, first-time authors Elizabeth

Plancon, Jessica Friesen, Lauren Lowrance, and Jessica West bring

their inspiring personal and emotional journeys to light, showing

the reader that vou can transform ordinary experiences into an

extraordinary life. For each of them, the power of mindset has

completely shifted the course of their lives. They share their

stories with the intention of providing a useful, treasured

resource in the reader's own journey of growth, expansion, and

empowerment. This book will serve as a map to navigate the way

through this thing called life, giving you the necessary pieces to

manifest the life you truly desire.

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